Omnisphere 2.6 Crack + Serial Number & License [Latest Version] 2021 Steam

Omnisphere 2.6 Crack + Serial Number & License Free Download [MAC]

Omnisphere 2.6 Crack

Omnisphere 2.6 Crack is a powerful synthesizer introduced by the Spectrasonics company. Spectrasonics is an award-winning company. This tool has the capabilities to synthesize different types of sounds. The latest version is loaded with more than 12000 various kinds of sounds. Moreover, It can work with other programs like Ableton and Logic. The user can control the sounds perfectly. It is the best choice for the music maker due to its fresh sounds and other features.

Omnisphere License is the top choice virtual synthesizer tool for sounds producers, designers, and composers. This tool comes with the latest synthesis features with a library containing 14800 sounds. Moreover, it has new synthesis capabilities like its own audio import option. Now you can create unlimited sounds with your own audio. The latest granular synthesis helps to modify your own audio to perfect sound.

Additionally, the Omnisphere 2.6 Crack can create perfect sounds without any sample use. Now, this tool contains 500 DSP waveforms for oscillation. And each waveform acts like a morphing wavetable with new capabilities. A single patch has more than 10 oscillators. Further, for each oscillator, there is one specific wavetable. You can imagine how sound design is complicated.

Omnisphere Serial Number With Key Latest Version [V2.6]

The latest analog drift behavior makes the synth sound a great thing. Omnisphere is based on this new analog drift behavior which makes it the perfect synth. Omnisphere update has much deeper Ring and FM modulations than before. The updated Omnisphere 2.6 has extended modified features with 8 new filter types.

The Omnisphere 2.6 Crack has revolutionized the synthesizer’s software. Its large extensive library makes it the most special software in the market. The library contains basic and extraordinary sounds that are necessary for high-quality sound and music production. In addition, this tool has a most specific steam engine. The Steam engine can formulate the sample and synthesis of sounds.

The library offers extensive 50GB of storage. And it is loaded with extraordinary microphone sound files. The sound files include piano, bowls, clicking and buzzing sound of light bulbs, etc. Further, it has the real audio files of different musical instruments recorded with a microphone.

The advanced technology of Omniusphere helps to apply the common hardware synthesizers. Also, it gives full control over the instruments and re4sults in a reliable absorbing feel. This strong feature attracts the producers and artists to Omnisphere. And it has become a popular tool in this regard.

Omnisphere 2.6 Crack [Steam] Full Free Download For MAC

It is a realistic tool for composers, designers, and musicians. Its all latest features attract sound composers and music lovers. Now it is the only trusted and loved tool in the market. The latest update has broadened synth integration with more than 600 new patches. And there are 4 layers per single patch. Further, it has more than 14800 sounds with over 57 strong FX units. However, you can create fresh real sounds beyond your imagination.

Other feature includes Harmonia, Innerspace, and granular engines. And with the deep zoom-in option you can create real sounds. Moreover, the extended high-resolution and resizeable interface allows creating sounds in your own way.
Omnisphere 2.6 is the only software with hardware synth integration. And that helps to turn the famous synthesizers into full controllers. Hence, enhance the Omnisphere functionalities. The users can feel it like a using real hardware synthesizer. Now Omnisphere comes with increased supported synths.

This advanced feature fills up the gap between hardware and software. Furthermore, it gives natural command over the tools with a common layout of hardware synths. Overall, Omnisphere provides the user with the real feel of instruments. The imaginary instrument’s user can feel the hardware streams. And the hardware users can extend their acoustic view into this powerful tool.

Main Features of Omnisphere 2.6 Crack 2021

Sound Library

The Omnisphere latest update is loaded with more than 14800 new sounds. These sounds are recorded by a microphone and look like real sounds.

Hardware Synth Integration

Omnipshere 2.6 Crack has hardware integration which is a plus point for sound makers. However, it is the only tool in the market with hardware synth integration.

Audio Import

Moreover, this tool provides an extraordinary audio import feature. The users can import their own audio sounds to the library. And can create unique sounds using its own audio as the source file. Some features include Step Modifiers, Trigger Types, Clock Rates, Note Patterns, Play Modes, Functions, Latch, etc. Additionally, the arpeggiator has a groove lock and presets.


This tool contains more than 500 DSP Waveforms for oscillation. And for one waveform there are 10 oscillators.

Sound Match

Omnisphere Serial Key also provides the sound match option to the users. They can easily match the sounds present in the library. And find a suitable sound file for perfect sound making.

Classic analog

The hardware library includes various classic analogs. The users can use them for creating high-quality soundtracks

Granular Synthesis

The updated version comes with a granular synthesis which is useful for wonderful modifications to the soundtracks.

FX Units

Omnipshere 2.6 Crack also contains over 58 special integrated FX units. The FX units are useful for modifications to the sound files.

Psychoacoustic Sounds

Various innovative psychoacoustic sounds are added in the latest version. The psychoacoustic sounds are developed by the Spectrasonics sound designers team.

Sound Lock

The sound lock feature enables the users to create variations by locking the sound files. You can do unlimited variations to the aspects of the sound of tracks.

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Omnisphere Updated Features 2021

Wavetable Synthesis

The waveforms act like a Morphing Wavetable. And it helps for detailed production of perfect soundtracks.

Advanced Interface

The updated version of Omnisphere comes with an ORB circular motion interface. The circular interface helps to do unlimited shifting changes.

FM modulation

Omnisphere 2.6 has more deep FM modulations. The FM modulation has the ability for aggressive timbre creation.

Filter Architecture

This tool has additional dual Filter architecture with over 34 Filter algorithms. The algorithms are present in series or parallel positions.

Live Mode

The live mode helps to create patch layering for good sound creation. Also, the live mod is based on performance orientation.


This mode is useful for modular-style matrix routing. Overall, this mod is based on a strong modulation system.

Stack Mode

Omnishere has a unique mode and stack mode is one of them. This mode helps for crossfading, splitting, and patch layering. The user can do complex patch layering using this mode.


There are 20 oscillators specific for each patch. And these are sample-based or DSP synth-based.

High Resolution

The latest version comes with a resizable Interface with high-resolution. The user can work with a zoom into deeper synthesis levels.

Polyphonic Timbre

The polyphonic timbre is useful for waveshaping, shifting, and Reduction purposes.

Other Features

The extra features are included 8 LFOs for each patch with waveforms and syncing. Furthermore, there are 12 envelopes. The envelopes have both simple ADSR-style or advanced multi-breakpoint interfaces. You can easily share your projects with 3rd parties and collaborators. Additionally, the users can process sample-based audio sources.

Latest Updated Features V2.6

Hardware Synth Integration

Ominsphere is the only tool in the market with hardware Synth Integration. No other synthesizer has this unique feature. This significant feature has turned various hardware synthesizers into hand controllers. You will feel that you are using real hardware synth using this feature. It has filled up the gap between hardware and software. The user can use their favorite hardware synth on Omnisphere.

New Enhanced Arpeggiator

Omnisphere 2.6 brings a newly enhanced arpeggiator with the latest play modes and patterns. Further, it contains updated step modifiers and library presets. The step divider and chord voicing are added with pitch slides. The user can also get the MIDI file capturing feature.

Updated Sound Library

The updated hardware sound library includes more than 1600 latest patches. Ther patches are developed by the Spectrasonics sound team and Eric Persing. Every hardware profile has specific sounds in the library. The sounds are developed by using the hardware synth. The inspirational soundtracks have various types and a classy tone.

Extended Synthesis Engine

Omnisphere 2.6 Crack included the latest filters with 4 layered patches. Moreover, a strong granular synth with more than 500 DSP wavetables. The updated version has FX mode along with a double Mod matrix. There are also 12 envelopes and 34 filters with 8 LFOs.

Omnisphere Updates 2021 [V2.6]

Modified Audio Import

The 2.6 version brings a modified audio import option. The users can use their own recorded audio files as a source. And create any kind of perfect sound using your own audio source.

Updated Interface

The updated interface comes with a high-resolution show. You can resize the interface according to your need with resizing feature. The user will get the reconfigured interface for free.

Updated Sounds

Omnisphere 2.6 brings more than 14800 various sounds. It is the top choice for composers and musicians. And gives a wide range of soundtracks they needed. The library is continuously updating the fresh sounds created by the Spectrasonics team.

FX Units

The latest version comes with over 58 FX units. The FX units include Innerspace, Quad Resonators, Thriftshop Speaker, Classic Twin, Bassman, Rock Stack, Brit-Vox, Boutique, Stompbox Modeler, Toxic Smasher, and Foxxy Fuzz, etc.

Other Updates

Other updates include standalone application and Satellite instruments support. The Latest Live Mode interface is supported with touch screens devices. And the attractor mod comes with enhanced ORBs.

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System Requirements

Operating system


Omnisphere is supported with Window 7, Window 8, Window, 8.1, And Window 10.
Both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.


This tool is capable of Mac X 10.13 Sierra or later. Both 32-bit and 64-bit works well.

Processor: Minimum of 2.4GHz or greater.

RAM: Minimum of 8GB needed but higher is preferable.

Disk Space: Almost 64GB of disk space is required for installation.

Other requirements: The software required for better performance are VST 2.4 or later and AAX.

How to Download & Install Latest Version 2.6?

Download the latest version of Omnisphere 2.6 setup.

Extract the file using WinRar or 7Zip.

After extraction click to install the tool on the computer.

Wait for the completion of the installation.

Then restart the computer.

Open it and enjoy.

Omnisphere 2.6 Authorization 2021

When you open the software.

An authorization system window will appear.

Then click on the request authorization button.

Serial key or Number or License required to activate it.

All serial key licenses are given above.

Copy & paste the required Keys.

And press authorize.

Finally, the Omnisphere is activated.


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