CleanMyMac X Cracked With Free License Key 2021

CleanMyMac X Cracked With Free Activation Code [29 March 2021] Free

CleanMyMAC X Cracked

CleanMyMAC X Cracked is a well-known application for cleaning unwanted files. It is developed by “Mac paw company”. However, it keeps your Mac fully optimized. It is easy to use and operate for cleaning purposes. Your mac system remains optimized, stabilized, and protected. The users can free up memory space by deleting the junk files. And your Mac works faster than before.

Moreover, it has the latest technology for cleaning junk files. Also, it is a very safe system for your Mac. It intelligently scans the suspected data. And it notifies your system if corrupt files are found. Finally, you can remove the corrupted files with one click. Its algorithm scan every single file on your Mac system. And after that, clean all junk files with one click.
CleanMyMac enhances the system performance and speeds up the Mac. Fixing issues on Mac takes hours to resolve. However, Cleanmymac fixes the issue and errors quickly. And save a lot of time. This tool keeps your Mac system optimized. It protects the system from viruses and bugs.

CleanMyMac X Activation Number.

CleanMyMac scans the Mac deeply. It can scan the old files from the system which you have forgotten after install. After the deep scan, you can easily remove the dangerous or corrupted files. Further, it can clean the cache, useless data, and corrupted files. Users can delete the duplicated photos, emails, and other big hidden data files.
In the end, it makes the Mac system lightweight by cleaning algorithm. CleanMyMac Crack automatically protects the system and makes it fully optimized.

Additionally, it automatically notifies you about the entry of harmful files into the system. And automatically block the danger. Due to this feature, it is also called antivirus, anti-malware, and spyware.
CleanMyMac crack comes with both installer and updater. These two features help the users to keep their Mac clean for a lifetime. However, the installer allows deleting the unwanted applications. And the updater keeps this tool updated with the latest features. In this way, this tool helps to keep the Max system optimized by deleting these apps. And your Mac system remains in good health.

cleanmymac patch

CleanMyMac X Serial Number.

In addition, it is simple and easy. The beginner can run this tool quite normally. It is a powerful tool for cleaning the junk from the MAC system. And it will never slow down the performance of the Mac. Furthermore, it helps the user to keep the files or delete the files. It points out the dangerous file to remove. And also points out the healthy files to keep. The user can permanently uninstall the applications. And all associated data without the recovery option. CleanMyMac x cracked comes with the latest features for better performance and full protection. You don’t need to worry about the system when it is installed on the system. It also can clean the data in RAM. Hence, optimize the Mac and keeps it stable.

In addition, CleanMyMac X Cracked is a convenient and trustworthy tool. It contains all the features a Mac system needs. With a single click, you can scan and delete unnecessary files from the Mac system. Also, it helps to control your extensions easily. This tool is easy to operate and manage. You don’t need any special skills to use it. Even a beginner can manage it and optimize the Mac system. It detects corrupt or expired applications on Mac. And clean them permanently with a single click.

CleanMyMac X Full Version Download.

There are hundreds of tools for the cleaning of Mac. But, this tool is more powerful than All the software has different functions. Because it contains all the features in one place. The CleanMyMac torrent is the superior one. It helps to clean the Mac from all useless files or software. Users can uninstall the applications which are slowing down the Mac.
It is three times better than the other tools in the market. This tool has the ability to optimize the Mac system.

Moreover, it detects Mac health and also protects from all kinds of malware. You will never find a tool similar to CleanMyMac x cracked. It cleans the junk files with caches perfectly. In addition, this tool can find broken links and delete them. This tool has the ability to clean the system space by deleting unnecessary software. Also, you can solve the issues in the installed applications. On the other hand, it is simple and easy to operate.

CleanMyMac Crack Schedule Option

The CleanMyMac X Cracked provides the schedule option for cleaning of Ma system. And you can get an idea that what is needed for your Mac. This tool alerts you when cleaning is needed. In addition, you can set a schedule for the scan. You have a choice to set the schedule either one week, 2 weeks, 1 month, and 3 months after. It will scan and clean your Mac system on the set dates automatically.

Main Features of CleanMyMac [29 March 2021]

Smart cleanup

Smart Scan option is best for cleaning of Mac system. You just need to click on smart scan and let the tool do all things. The smart Scan consists of three main features including Cleaning, Speedup, and Protection of the Mac system.

Speed Up

CleanMyMac X can speed up your Mac system by using the following tools

Faster boot

Everyone needs a faster Mac system. You can boost it by deleting junk files, unnecessary or hidden logs. After all, this tool will also notify about the running apps in the background. So, you can switch off them to speed up Mac.

cleanmymac product key

RAM Free Up

Large applications use a lot of RAM space to run. You can free up RAM space by deleting large applications. And your Mac will perform faster.

Maintenance scripts

By using the maintenance script you can boost up the Mac speed. This feature optimizes your Mac by rearranging the system library and rotating the database or logs. This trick will boost the speed of Mac.

Switch off Memory eating software

You can switch off the apps that are consuming a lot of space.

Junk Photos

Your photo apps contain caches hidden in the library. You can delete these caches without losing your pictures.

System junk

CleanMyMac cracked helps to clean the junk files. The junk can be in the form of the following

Language FilesLog FilesDevelopment Junk
CachesiOS Photo CacheBroken Login Items
XCode JunkUniversal BinariesBroken Preferences
junk files

Latest Updated Features March 2021

Trash Bins

Mac has more than one trash. All files have specific trash. Therefore, it is very difficult to find and clean this trash. However, the trash bins feature allows you to clean all the specific trash in a single click. It will also never restrict you when some error occurs.

Large and Old Files

This large and old files scan will show up the large file like old movies or other Tv shows. So, you can easily delete them. Further, you can use this scan when you needed more space.

Mail attachments

This tool allows you to clean the copies of mail attachments or downloads. These attachments could be of gigabytes on your Mac system.

iTunes Junk

Most people don’t know about the iTunes junk files. This feature helps to delete these hidden junk files. In addition, you can clean up outdated backups and broken links.

Hidden agents

The small supporting apps run automatically without asking for permission. And slow down the Mac system. You can stop them or uninstall them to faster the Mac.


Make your system responsive with this maintenance tool. It will give access to the script for maintenance.

Malware neutralizer

You can restrict malware threats with this malware neutralizer tool.


Moreover, this tool helps to remove the data but doesn’t actually delete it. You can recover the data when you needed. This is the beauty of that feature.

More Features


When you put some apps to trash it doesn’t delete completely. However, the uninstaller feature of CleanMyMac completely uninstalls the apps from Mac.


Mac works like your assistant on auto-pilot mode. Its algorithm will help to take care of Mac.


Clean online or offline personal data including browsing history and chat caches.

CleanMyMac Menu

Its menu keeps you updated on what’s happening on the Mac system. And you can access its all features with one click.

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System Requirements

macOS 10.10 or later

RAM: 4GB or higher is required

Size: 145MB

Latest Version 2021

The latest version 4.8.2 released on 29 March 2021

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How To Download CleanMyMac x Cracked?

  • Click the below Download button and download the file.
  • After download opens the setup.
  • In the end, install setup and restart your pc.
  • Now you can enjoy yourself with your favorite software crack.

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